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Spa Service

Experience. Reliabilty. Trust.


They say "experience is the best teacher," and when it comes to servicing hot tubs nothing could be more true. Finding a reliable, capable spa tech who doesn't charge an arm and a leg can, and who actually knows what he is doing can be frustrating. If you have ever looked for one or hired some you know what we mean.


Since day one, Bubble Factory Spas has made an excellent reputation for itself selling fully refurbished hot tubs with warranties. What this means for you is that unlike many other spa companies, we know hot tubs in and out. We often rebuild hot tubs from the ground up inclucding but not limited to: framing, skirting, plumbing, heaters, control packs, pumps, lighting, and top side control panels. 


Our goal is to repair your tub as fast as possible, for as little as possible in order to build a lifelong relationship of honesty and trust. So if you are looking for an experienced, reliable, trustworthy spa tech, call us. You'll be glad you did.


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