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90 Day Warranty: Parts and Labor on Preowned Spas


Every single spa we sell undergoes our thorough 32 point inspection and in many cases receives "upgrades" before we sell them.


We check for things like:


1. Leaks in the tub, plumbing and pumps.

2. Rotted tub frames.

3. Bad or worn pumps.

4. Jets that don't work.

5. Diverter valves improperly working.

6. Bad heaters.

7. Broken or rotted side panels.

8. Malfunctioning topside control panels.

9. Working Lights


After we check the entire spa over and replace or repair EVERYTHING that needs attention, 

we then fill every hot tub, heat them to 102 degrees and run them for a couple days to ensure perfect working condition. 


Why do we take so much care with EVERY spa we sell?


We want you to have the peace of mind that you are buying a spa in perfect condition that would easily cost you 50-75% MORE if you were to buy it new! Why pay more, when you can have the same luxury for less and still get a warranty? 



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